Humble Indie Bundle

Games included are Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium,
Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans.
Being the poor university student that I am, I try to find discounts wherever I can; that's why, when I heard that the Humble Indie Bundle is currently available for the second year running, I jumped right on it. In this bundle, there are 5 awesome indie games (normally an $85 value), but for a limited time you can choose what you want to pay for them. The cool thing is, you can also choose how much of the money you want to go to the developers, how much should go to charity, etc. They're available on any OS, and you can install and reinstall them on any computer you want to once you've bought them (they give you a permanent download link); it's a great deal for some really cool games, and at the same time you're helping to support charity. Check it out at here!


  1. I made a post about this also. It was a good thing to buy.

  2. Anonymous19.12.10

    That's awesome! I'll definitely check it out. I've played Braid on PS3 and it was an incredible game. All of those other games are better by default in my eyes just for being listed alongside Braid. Follow'ed :)

  3. Holy shit Machinarium looks amazing. I'm buying this pronto.

  4. good post, I'll check some of these out on my vacation

    You have chaptcha on the comments, dont know if you want it...

  5. Heheh i find it a bit difficult to read the text because of it's color and the black background :P

    Just a friendly input

  6. sounds like a pretty neat idea.

  7. Supporting indies and charities are always good things.