Shaved Bieber

Shaved Bieber Justin Bieber addon
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Sick of Justin Bieber popping up everywhere you look? Well, you're in luck, because the people at the Free Art and Technology Lab have developed an addon for Firefox and Chrome users that blocks out all Justin Bieber content for your surfing pleasure! Download here:


Barrarror Pancake

Well this is just straight up adorable. Why won't my cat barrel roll?? Obviously it's defective...


Face Composites

I thought this was pretty neat. These are the faces of a large sampling of women from various countries, mashed together to make one image that is an 'average face' for each country. I do wish they had done Canada and the US as well - it would be interesting to see how they relate to each other, and to England, France, Spain etc.
Face composites - click for fullview