The Season 3 Premiere of BBC's Sherlock

It's finally here! Just a few minutes and the wait will finally be over to find the secret to how Sherlock survived his fall 2 long years ago.
...For people in the UK, that is: those in the US and Canada will have to wait until the 19th to catch up, but if that's just not soon enough for you, you can go ahead and install Media Hint as a Chrome extension (all the instructions are on the page - very easy install, even for those that aren't all that tech-savvy) and head on over to the BBC iPlayer to watch the premiere of the third season, The Empty Hearse, directly after it airs.
In the meantime, check out the mini episode released on Christmas, or this interactive trailer, which offers an intriguing glance into what the future of TV on the web might look like.