I am addicted to typing games

93 words/minute
Here's the link if you want to try!

Granted, the words they use are I think some of the more commonly used words in the English language and they're presented randomly, without sentence structure, so you don't have to use much punctuation; still, it's a nice, quick test to at least give you an idea of whether you might need a personal secretary, or have a future as one.
Mutants, not zombies!
I grew up using Mavis Beacon teaches typing like it was a game, so don't feel too bad if I've destroyed your score. If you're interested in improving your speed with something that actually is a game, go for The Typing of the Dead: they took an old arcade shooter and replaced the gun with your keyboard. The words you have to type are pretty entertaining. Blood and curses abound, and the storyline is ... interesting, to say the least!


Cake Decorating

Yesterday was my 19th birthday, so really I should be posting pictures of all the alcohol I can now (legally, anyway) drink - but, in the spirit of celebration, here are some sweet cakes I've come across.
I can't imagine how long it must have taken to make this! So much fondant.
For some reason, I imagine this was made in Japan.
Snorlax cake! He's clearly the best pokemon, and I'm sure
he would make a delicious cake as well.
This one just made me giggle.

In Soviet Russia, cake eats you!
Alright so I snuck the last one in there, I made that one when I was a cake decorator at Dairy Queen during high school. I miss that job ... nothing better than coming home every day smelling of ice cream and chocolate. Unfortunately I completely lost interest in eating icing ever again - even smelling it makes me feel a little sick. I don't think ice cream will ever get old, thankfully.